In the situation of the current fierce global economic competition, companies not only to technology, product, market, capital and so on among competing, but also have competitive advantage in the humanities. Continuously through the absorption and interaction, so that upgrade the organizations system, in order to let the enterprises adapt to a more complex competitive environment, emphasis on teamwork, while encouraging innovation.

Enterprise tenet:Customer first, to win credibility, assurance quality, excellent service, and continuously forge ahead

Business philosophy:Science and technology first, quality first, credit first

Technology——he key of rapid development, Quality——the basis of the image, Reputation——the source of development

Sense of team: I rely on enterprises survival, enterprises depend on my development; I do my best for enterprises, corporate profit for me. Staff is the competitiveness of important resources, full respect for the staff to help its growth provide the space and stage career, allow employees to achieve self-worth, will possess the knowledge, wisdom, talent, skills and techniques into the creative material production activities of enterprises and employees share the results of operations.

Enterprise style: Hard work, Efficiency, Civilization, Fighting,. Realistic, Truth, Diligent and efficient.

Enterprise spirit: Love factory, dedicated, pioneering and enterprising, to win exciting every day. Adhere to the customer as the center, to meet customer demand for enterprise and progress the driving force, customer satisfaction is the best reward for enterprise

Enterprise image: Management according to law, management science, practitioners of civilization, work style, service quality, quality, skilled and innovative.

Quality policy: Advanced technology, scientific management, product high quality, integrity, good service.

Enterprise faith:Take a good business way today, the development of good things in tomorrow ; walk the road of entrepreneurship, and development plans, spectrum brilliant chapter.

Business strategy:
1. The human resources strategy, brand strategy, innovation strategy, marketing strategy.
2. The implementation of human resources brand innovation and market development strategies, strengthen, development, improve, and expand automated production capacity. Firm belief, is a "I can, I am sure to win" mentality of self-confidence and the determination of events, there is to do the really big, big contribution has the heart, the pursuit of excellence, challenge themselves, attention to detail, and constantly open, confident, tenacious, advancing endless.

Enterprise values: Insatiable, top-notch, perfect self, continue to develop.

Business environment: Harmonious relations within enterprise, the whole people work hard together.