Analysis of the market share share of key companies in the automotive headlight industry in 2022


2022 Automotive headlights industry key enterprises market share share analysis and market volume size growth rate research forecast

① Overview of automotive headlights.

A. Basic situation: Automotive lights are one of the key parts of automobiles that integrate lighting, information exchange and appearance beautification, and play an important role in the practicality, safety and appearance of automobiles. The beauty, light source type and integration level of automotive lights directly reflect the product positioning and price level of automobiles. The lights are not standard parts, usually each model's introduction or generation change requires the design and development of new lights.

B. Classification: Automotive lights include headlights, front fog lights, reversing lights, license plate lights, door lights, trunk lights, ambient lights, engine compartment lights, position lights, outline lights, turn signals, running lights, parking lights, brake lights, rear fog lights, reply reflectors, headlights far light work indicators, turn signal indicators, coolant temperature warning lights, etc. Examples are as follows.

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