Many favorable policies for real estate boost the household appliance consumption market


China Singapore Jingwei, October 12 Recently, the central government launched three pieces of good news on real estate, including residents selling their own houses and giving tax rebates to purchase houses within one year; The central bank announced to cut the interest rate of provident fund loans; And eligible cities will relax the lower limit of housing loan interest rates.
In the opinion of the insiders, many favorable policies, to a certain extent, reduce the consumption cost of consumers, improve the willingness to buy houses, and at the same time, have a positive significance in helping the upstream and downstream industries of real estate to boost.
China Merchants Securities said in its research paper that the release of favorable information on the property market, together with subsidies for consumer bonds, will significantly boost the sales of green, intelligent and high-quality household appliances at the end of the year. In A-shares, especially the strongly related household appliance listed companies will benefit from this. In fact, this kind of transmission effect has already appeared. On October 12, Suning E-shop had a one-word limit rise, which reached 5.26% on the same day. As a retail platform for household appliances and other products, Suning E-shop had an eye-catching performance.
Policy oriented demand for improvement
Selling, buying and refunding income tax in the same city will further reduce the cost of changing houses for rigid and improved customers, and precisely benefit people seeking better living space, so as to activate more scene consumption. Improved housing will undoubtedly drive more high-end and intelligent home appliances, and the home appliance industry will also usher in a wave of high-quality growth cycle.
As the leading domestic household appliance retail enterprise, Suning E-shop has strengthened the image and experience construction of store channels for high-end brand products, as well as the construction of the front end customer acquisition capacity for the cooperation between stores and different industries such as home decoration and real estate property, focusing on the trend of home appliance renewal and suite purchase.
At the same time, Suning E-shop has continued to strengthen cooperation with brands. High end brands such as Casati and COLMO have maintained high growth recently. At the same time, it will continue to optimize the supply chain of high-end products to improve the scene experience. At present, it has formed a strong brand mentality and channel cooperation advantage in the industry.
Focusing on users' demand for home appliance renewal and the trend of purchasing complete sets of home appliances, Suning E-home has completed the upgrading and transformation of its new store model and launched its innovative business model Suning E-home focusing on family scene solutions. At the same time, focusing on the consumption scenarios and experiences of mid - and high-end brand products, we will continue to upgrade the brand, category, and scenario rooms, and optimize the service links.
During the National Day holiday just past, the sales of green energy-saving home appliances and smart home appliances increased by 98% and 95% month on month respectively. In the national stores of Suning E-shop, high-end and high-quality household appliances are popular, and the sales of high-end single products such as 8K TV, large capacity double door refrigerator, washing and drying machine doubled month on month.
New and knowledgeable people, many favorable policies for real estate boost the household appliance consumption market
Increase the supply of high-quality household appliances
Under the new market dynamics, more consumer demand for household appliances is called for. The demand for upgrading becomes the dominant demand. The promotion and popularization of high-end products are the key to growth. How to better meet consumer diversification and the pursuit of quality of life, bring better household appliances consumption experience, and ensure high-quality supply is the responsibility of all household appliance brands and retailers.
In order to meet the rapidly released household appliance consumption demand in the fourth quarter, Suning Easy Buy continued to deepen the strategic cooperation of leading household appliance brands and strengthen the supply of high-quality, green and intelligent household appliances. In the near future, Suning E-shop will continue to strengthen cooperation with Midea, Gree, Boss and other brands in the Double 11 cooperation mobilization meeting, and improve the efficiency of supply chain cooperation in terms of strengthening user capabilities, improving regional management capabilities, and differentiated store product planning.
On October 11, Suning E-shop and Boss Electric held the "2022 Double 11 Cooperation Kick off Meeting" in Guangzhou. The two sides will work together online and offline to simultaneously carry out the strongest promotional activities throughout the year, and increase the main thrust of the creators' i series and other new products. Since 2022, in view of the development trend of scenario, integration and digital intelligence in the household appliance industry, the teams of both sides have deepened cooperation in many aspects, such as scenario building, growth of washing and embedding products, and the first launch of digital intelligence new products, to continue to promote the growth of commodity sales.
"The fundamentals of the home appliance sector are gradually recovering, and the warming up of the Double 11 is imminent at the end of the year, and Q4 is expected to continue to improve." Western Securities pointed out in the research paper that the prices of raw materials such as Q2 copper and steel fell significantly. In the second half of the year, the profitability of the household appliance industry will be improved, and the logic of leading profit improvement will be determined. At the same time, with the steady growth policy of real estate, white kitchen appliances with a high degree of relevance to real estate are expected to rise, and the leading household appliances with a valuation at the bottom of history are expected to see a rise in valuation.

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